For letssingabout it, Emma and Mary Margaret quotes from Reawakened.

"Mary Margaret Blanchard looked, somehow, exactly like Emma had expected her to look based on her name: petite and pretty, with close-cropped dark hiar, at once both demure and — judging by the sparkle in her eye — potentially somewhat feisty." (pg 23)

"Mary Margaret smiled kindly at Emma. ‘Welcome to Storybrooke?’ she said, and this time it sounded more like a joke, and Emma smiled. Feisty was right — she liked this woman." (pg 23)

"She sounded sad — strong and sad at the same time. Emma realized that Mary Margaret was talking about herself." (pg 24)

"Emma looked at her, and didn’t want to say it once she realized what it implied about their relationship. Emma was surprised at how eagerly some part of her imagination entertained the idea, tried to dock with it, albeit for just a few seconds." (pg 34)

"But he’d also been uninterested in a way that made Mary Margaret feel a familiar old sadness. Was she boring to other people? She had so much trouble just connecting. It was as though she’d been going out on dates with the wrong men her entire life." (pg 43)

"Emma nodded again, and Mary Margaret thought she saw something in her eyes — something about true love, maybe, that hurt her — and suddenly she felt terrible." (pg 43)

"It surprised her, but as the offer hung in the air between the two women, she decided that it felt right, somehow. That it would work. That they’d get along just fine." (pg 43)

"She wasn’t like Emma Swan. She wanted to be, but she didn’t know how." (pg 46)

"Her new roommate, who at first had seemed so even-keeled, was coming apart at the seams." (pg 70)

"It was only a matter of time before the natural order was restored. Prince Charming and Snow White together, their daughter Emma grown and presents, the grandson Henry smiling up at all of them, the whole family stable and solid and united." (pg 71)

"Mary Margret’s mood sank down a few more notches as she wondered what life in this town really held for her. How had she gotten to where she was? It was as if her whole history weren’t quite real, even though she was always the first to take responsibility for her actions, for her choices…" (pg 74)

"It gave Emma a kind of gleeful satisfaction to imagine her friend indulging in such things, harmless as the were. It was the opposite of her experience with Graham. Mary Margaret needed some more risk in her life, and besides, she needed to get past David. This was good. Emma told herself." (pg 81)

"Emma was surprised at the plume of sadness that expanded in her chest as she listened to her friend’s words. A wall. A shield. She didn’t want to risk saying anything, for fear of sounding choked up. So instead she waited, privately admiring Mary Margret’s emotional intuition, privately resenting it as well." (pg 81)

"She was exhausted, and she was owrried for Mary Margaret. The whole town was talking about the affair, and things were going to get ugly. She’d seen it happen before — she’d been the center of the controversy, and she didn’t like the memory. Not one bit." (pg 137)

"Emma was worried about her friend, but she knew too, that she probably shouldn’t be seen socializing with her so much. Mary Margaret was perhaps a bit too naive to realize it, but she wasn’t clear of suspicion, either. To Emma, Mary Margaret seemed so innocent, so unaware of the dangers in the world. She was independent, but sheltered at the same time. It was an unusual combination." (pg 144)

“‘You’re my friend, and in my life, friends have been my family.’ She put her hand on Mary Margret’s shoulder. ‘I mean that. I’m not going to abandon you.’” (pg 172)

"Her friend Mary Margaret wasn’t out of the woods, not by a long shot, but as they rode back toward town, Emma felt a stranger new peace was over her. Neither woman spoke. Mary Margaret looked out the window, her forehead leaning against the glass as though they were on a family road trip, and they were both coming to the end of a long journey. She believed her friend. She believed in her innocent, and she knew that Mary Margaret wasn’t capable of harming Kathryn. They were in this together, for better or worse." (pg 172)

"For the first time though, Emma considered how desirable it would be for Mary Margaret to believe she had a daughter, and a true love, and a whole history that meant love in her life." (pg 172)

"This was why Mary Margaret loved her friend so much; Emma knew to to fight back." (pg 216)

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